Sunday, January 2, 2011

52 Things I Love About My Mom!

This year in honor of my mom's 52 birthday I thought I would post 52 things that make her special to me!

1. She loves Jesus!
2. She loves her kids.
3. She loved and cared for her dog Kokomo even though he peed everywhere. We sure miss him!
4. She is a hard worker.
5. She is creative. She can make a mess of something look great!
6. She loves little surprises. You can give her just the smallest little gift and she loves it.
7. She likes to dance. I usually make fun of the way she does it, but she is good at Shagging.
8. She takes care of us when we are sick. Even though both my sister and I are grown, she is there if we are sick.
9. She texts.
10. She is on Facebook.
11. Salmon Patties
12. Cubed Steak
13. Hamburgers and Fries
14. Chili Beans
15. Mashed Potatoes
16. Sausage Balls
17. Meatloaf
18. Bacon and Eggs
19. Pinto Beans
20. She decorates her house for every holiday and it always looks great!
21. She is always wanting to buy gifts for everyone.
22. She loves to shop...not always to buy, but to spend time with me and my sister.
23. She is my biggest cheer leader.
24. She is the sweetest operator at her job. When a patient buzzes the nurse's station she is so nice to them.
25. She is spontaneous.
26. She loves the beach.
27. She loves to travel.
28. She loves to have me and my sister come for dinner.
29. She is a great Nana... Maybe I will have her some more grand kids one day!
30. She is very thoughtful!
31. She sneaked over here one day and cleaned my whole house!
32. She loves convertibles.
33. She cheered like a crazy woman at my 1st half marathon.
34. She is so excited about my full marathon. She cannot wait to cheer me on.
35. She was my guest at the Teacher of the Year banquet the year I won.
36. When I moved to the Philippines back in '07, she wanted to see where I was living so she went with me.
37. She has good taste in clothes...for the most part :0) You know kids pick on their parents about this one!
38. When I started teaching she helped my cut out laminating for days.
39. She can be a little ditsy sometimes. It makes her special!
40. She is hysterical to play a board game with!
41. She goes to the gym.
42. She is the best iron"er" I know. I wish I could take my clothes to her every week!
43. She does not look 52, more like 32!
44. She always leaves a voicemail when she calls. I don't care what she is calling for.
45. She loves to go the Waffle House when it snows.
46. She likes crab cakes.
47. She loves Mallow Cups... Do you even know what they are?
48. She loves her kids unconditionally.
49. She loves to rearrange her furniture and ours!!!
50. She loves to paint the rooms in her house all different colors, and she likes to paint frequently.
51. She is getting growing older with lots of beauty, grace, and class.
52. She is the world's greatest mom!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Mama!

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Cindy said...

She sounds like a vey special lady!