Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend @ BB's

This weekend my sister and brother-in-law were out of town and Uncle BB kept the girlies!!! We have had lots of fun. I took them with me Friday night to our Fall Faculty Family Cookout. They had a great time as you can see from the pic of them in the back seat when we got home.

After getting them in the house and some how putting their pajamas on their rag doll like bodies, I blew up the air mattress that they have been begging me to sleep on since this summer at the beach. As I laid them on it, they grinned in their sleep!

Saturday we went to see Robin Hood at the Chapman Cultural Center. This was Sophie's first time there. I was a bit worried about how she would do, but she was so good!

During the play I told her that when the lights went out it was the actors way of changing the scene. When the lights came back on and the scene was changed, she said, "You're right BB, we are in the castle now." Everyone giggled at her. It was so cute!

During the play we sat beside the grandmother of one of the actors. Sophie could not stop talking about her, so we tracked her down after the show so the girls could have a pic. Too bad the girl is not looking!

After the play we headed to Bruster's as promised. Sophie was in heaven. She will eat just about anything with sugar!!!!

After church on Sunday we came home, watched The Little Rascals and Taylor and Sophie decorated my Fridge. I love it!

They are gone now, and my house is quiet again.... Can hear it????? It is my body saying thank you Jesus! It was fun and I was happy to keep them, but now I am ready to rest an hour before sleep and Monday gets here.

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