Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SC Gubernatorial Debate

Last night I had the privilege of attending the first of many SC Gubernatorial Debate. I called it a privilege only because it is something that most people do not get to see live and in person.

I will keep my political opinions to myself so as not to contaminate this blog. However, I will say that my second graders are able to resolve conflicts and speak with more respect to one another than I witnessed last night. That said... Here are a few pics from the evening.

Here is Mr. Tom Crabtree, a local TV celebrity, who was the moderator of the debate. He was giving us all the ground rules. "Most" people were respectful and did as he asked.

Here is a great shot of both candidates at the end of the debate. We were on the 2nd row.

Here is Amy Wood, another local TV celebrity taking pics for her blog and Facebook page. She is big into the social media. I was more excited to talk to her afterwards.

Here is a shot of Matt and I looking all official in the lobby at the end.

Got to talk to Tom for a moment. Very nice guy!!!

As you can tell from my pics, I was way more impressed with the TV personalities than either candidate. Matt did get to shake hands with Mr. Sheheen, and I saw Mrs. Haley greeting Roger Milliken just to my left on the way out, but after their performance on stage, I just wasn't all that eager to meet either one.

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