Thursday, October 21, 2010

Angry Birds

Right after I bought my iPhone I downloaded the game Angry Birds per a facebook status from a friend of mine named Ginger. Little did I know that at the moment of download my life would become consumed with 7 angry birds and a bunch of "thieving" pigs.

The game is so ridiculous it is not even funny. You hurl these birds into various structures via a slingshot in hopes that you will knock the structures down and squish the mean 'ole pigs that have stolen the birds eggs. If the structures fall just right then you kill the pigs and move on to the next level. Some of the levels are very challenging because you have to hurl the birds into just the right spot. Some levels I have had to play over and over and over and over just to get every pig!

The developers of the game keep me on the hook so well. The released the last 3 levels of the game over the course of the last few months. In the mean time they encourage you to get a higher score on each level... IT IS MADNESS!!!

If you don't have this game, fall to your knees and praise the Lord that you are free from the bondage!!! If you are thinking about getting it, pray that the devil will flee!!! If you are curious and want to know a bit more about it... Watch this awesome little clip that tells the true story of the Angry Birds.

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