Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dark Thirty

I LOVE this time of the year... Cool weather, fall decorations, sweaters, hot chocolate, good smelling candles, football games, festivals, Operation Christmas Child, pajama pants, bedroom shoes, preparing for Christmas...

But, one thing I do not like is leaving my house in the dark and coming home in the evenings in the dark. I feel the need to come in a go straight to bed. I don't get near the stuff done at home that I need to. The laundry seems to pile up, dust bunnies mate at an alarming rate, and many other projects just get pushed to the side all because its dark and my mind says its time to slow down.

I know that it is only gonna get worse because the days are growing even shorter, then throw in the whole "fall back" that is coming in a few weeks and it will be dark even earlier.

Yesterday morning I left the house at 6:45. It was cold and dark.

Yesterday night I got home at 7:15... It was cool and dark. I could not wait to get in and go to sleep and it was only 7ish.

I know tonight will be no different. I won't be home until late again. Guess the laundry will have to wait one more day.

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