Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean Miners

If all goes well, at the time you read this many of the miners from Chile will have been freed from their 65+ days of captivity in the caved in mine. I have been glued to this story since it first happened back on August 5th.

Every time I turn around it seems to pop in my head. When I am running I think about them. When I am laying down in a nice cozy bed... When I eat a good meal... When I see my family... I simply cannot imagine what those men have been through. Just to put the length of time they have been underground into perspective read the list below to appreciate how long 9 weeks is.

1. School started on August 16th

2. 9 weeks (about the time they have been in there) is about the length of time between now and

3. If you found out you were pregnant the day they were trapped, you could now hear your
baby's heart beat on an ultra sound.

4. If your baby was a newborn on Aug. 5th, they may now be rolling over.

5. That is almost 1600 hours!!!!

I cannot imagine being stuck in my nice comfortable house that long, much less trapped in a mine shaft 2 miles under ground. Their bravery, focus, and determination has surely been an example to the whole world. I cannot wait to see them pulled out of that ground!!!

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