Monday, September 27, 2010

Were You Worried?

It's almost 8PM and no post today.... Were you starting to worry? Never fear, the blogger is here.

Now that you can rest, and know that you will have something to read today let me tell you my good news.... wait for it... wait for it...

Ok, there isn't any good news. It is Monday, what good happens on Monday right? It is the end of our weekend and we have to work... au contraire mon frere'

Here are some amazing things that happened on a Monday.

1. May 6, 1889- The Eiffel Tower opened on a Monday!

2. October 2, 1950- The Peanuts first began being published in newspapers... On a Monday!

3. January 6, 1975- The premiere of Wheel of Fortune... Yep, on a Monday!

4. May 25, 1982- Jay Leno started on The Tonight Show... You guessed it.. MONDAY!

5. September 27, 2010- That's today... If you are reading this, then you are alive, and that is something good. Make the last few hours of this Monday count!

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