Sunday, September 26, 2010

Are You A Vegetarian?

Today at church a story was shared about a man who had really been trying to live out his faith at his job. He wanted all of his friends and coworkers to really know he was different because of his faith in Christ.

The man prayed everyday for encounters to share about this faith. Finally, a coworker came up to him in a break room and said, "There is something different about you."

The man of faith was elated on the inside. This was an opportunity that he had prayed for...An opportunity to share about his faith and love for Christ.

His co-worker then replied, "Are you a vegetarian?"

The moral was that we needed to be active in sharing our faith and not just wait on opportunities, yet create them. I am a bit different though, and my brain immediately started thinking about vegetarians.

I know a few vegetarians. They are all great people!!! And, when looked at from a faith stand point, there are some lessons I can learn from my herbivore friends!

1. They are passionate! If you ever talk to a vegetarian they will convenience even the heartiest meat eaters, for a brief moment, that all meat is repulsive. Of course, we then see a burger and forget all about it, but nonetheless, their passion makes one think!

2. They are committed! Day in and day out they work hard at planning their meals, travel, routines, etc around how they can stay committed to their choice of diet. They prepare meals ahead of time. Many times they sacrifice going out to eat with friends and family because the places they go do not support their diet. Yet, they continue on without wavering!

3. They are not ashamed! Every vegetarian I have ever met, would without question tell me why they are vegetarians, how they came to be one, why I should be one, how healthy it is, etc. Regardless of whether or not I agree with them because I LOVE chicken, steaks, burgers, steaks, burgers, steaks, burgers... did I mention steaks? Their pride in being vegetarian and the way they save lives of animals cannot be put down. They literally do not care what we carnivores think.

These 3 examples can prove to be a great inspiration to those of us like the man at the office, seeking to share our faith.

Be passionate! Be committed! Be unashamed, and people will notice a difference!

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