Sunday, August 8, 2010

When in Doubt, Don't Check Out!

Yesterday I was at Office Max with a friend who was getting some things for back to school. While I was there I noticed some Nike running headphones. I have been looking for a good pair of running head phones because the ones that come with the iPod are just not good enough for lots of running. I picked up the Nike pair and headed to the checkout. I stopped to ask an associate about their return policy and she assured me that I could return them no questions asked for up to 14 days. That was great because I am picky about headphones and if they were not just right I didn't want them.

I proceeded on to the check out and started the wait... While I was there I I started the whole conversation in my head that I have every time I am about to check out... "Do I need it?" "Is this the right one?" "Is it too much money?" At this particular checkout I had lots of time to have that conversation with myself because they checker and the shopper were VERY SLOW.

In that time I was standing there, I changed my mind and put the headphones back because of a few doubts I had about them. I am glad I did because when I got home I read terrible reviews online from other runners about that particular kind. It just reaffirmed my motto, When in doubt...Don;t check out!

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