Saturday, August 7, 2010

Palmetto's Finest

We now get to celebrate the title during the upcoming school year. In an effort to keep the celebration going all year, every teacher at the school decorated a Palmetto Tree to reflect something about their classroom.

Finally, after hours of work mine is finished!!! Many of you will not understand what exactly it is, but I decided to put it on here anyway because I am proud of it.

In my room I use a Promethean Board all day for every lesson I teach. It is a large interactive white board with an LCD projector at the top. I decided to make my tree look like a Promethean Board. Below are all the pics!

Here is the whole tree. I will explain about it in the pics below.

This is the projector. I used chicken wire and paper mache'. I love the cord! I had a piece cable laying around so I used it. The orange rectangles on the tree are gonna have pics of my class on them once they come to school.

Here you can see the Promethean Man Logo. Printed him off the Internet.

In this shot you see the oval shaped thing. That is called an Activvote. It is egg shaped and it is a little remote that each kid gets and uses to vote or answer questions on tests. Don't worry...This one is fake!

To write on the board you have a special pen. I didn't have a fake one so I had to be creative. I made this out of a paintbrush handle, a pipe cleaner, and the top of a straight pin.

I cannot wait for you to see all the other trees the teachers made... I will post them soon. Our school truly is Palmetto's Finest!

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amanda said...

So I don't think we saw the other teacher's trees? Although I'm sure yours is the best :)