Monday, August 9, 2010

Cat In A Tree

Yesterday I was able to visit Lake Jocassee for the first time ever, thanks to my great friends Dan and JoAnn. It is a BEAUTIFUL lake and I absolutely had a ball. The whole time we were there I just could not believe I was in South Carolina. In a couple of the coves the waterfalls and clear water made me feel like I was in some tropical place.

During one of the many stops we made along the shores to swim and hunt for treasures, I saw this tall island that I just had to climb up on... I jumped out of the boat as soon as we dropped anchor and quickly found a path up to the top... I did not however have a plan for getting back down.

It might not look that high to you, but it was a good 12 or 13 feet off the water. IT WAS HIGH!!! On the back side, I totally good have jumped into the water because it was plenty deep enough, but I could NOT throw myself off the side. I eventually climbed down on Matt's shoulders. Of course he then climbed up there to show me how to jump off. For this bit of time that was captured on video however, I had no idea how I was getting down. Enjoy!

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