Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer In A Nutshell

This summer has come and gone faster than any other in my teaching career. Today as you read this I am hard at work in my classroom and not enjoying the life or luxury some think we teachers live for 10 weeks in the summer. Since I didn't blog for most of the summer, I thought I would just list my summer in a nutshell as it draws to a close.

10. Pressure Washing... I did a lot of this the first few weeks of summer. Made some good extra money. If you read this and need something done, leave a comment and a way to get in touch with ya!

9. Mission Trip to Wyoming. I went as part of a 40 member team to build a church in Casper, WY. It was awesome... Cold weather the first few days though. I was not ready for that since it was so hot here when I left. Did I mention that we drove out there?

8. Drove to Salt Lake to meet friends Teri and Justin...Then, flew to San Diego for 4 days. BEAUTIFUL CITY! I loved it there.

7. National Teacher Symposium in Richmond, VA. I was elected to the CERRA Advisory Board, a state wide board of educators who promote the teaching profession across the state. As part of that, I was able to go to this national conference in Richmond. Great opportunity. Met lots of great people!

6.Moved my friends Sterling and Heather 3 hours away. :0(

5. Beach with family for 10 days! SO MUCH FUN!

4. 3 weeks at home. I have organized about everything I can.

3. Running... I have been a runnin' fool this summer. Completed my longest run ever (13.2 miles) Ran my fastest 5k ever (21.48 minutes) and won2nd place in that race. I have even gotten others to run with me: Matt, brother-in-law, sister, and a few others.

2. Last Day... yesterday... I did yard work from 7-12:30!!!!! Had to get it done so I would not see it today when I came home and think about having to do it... Now its done!!!

1. Missed my school! Yes... The whole time I am away, I miss my school. I love the people I work with like family, and my students are like my own kids. I can hardly wait to see everyone!!!

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Susie said...

Congrats on your running! 13.2 miles is amazing. Keep it up.