Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flash Back!

A few weeks ago my old band director put all of our old marching band videos on facebook. I was ecstatic to see them because I do not have anything other than a picture of me in the band to remember this time.

Band was my life... I was indeed, the quintessential band nerd, and I am not ashamed to admit it. I confess that when I first saw the videos... all the way from my 8th grade year til I graduated... I cried... hard!!!! I loved the band and miss it terribly. Not the music and the marching as much as the family that the band was to me. The people in the band were like my brothers and sisters and we were all just trying to get through high school together.

I decided to share a video from my senior year with my blog faithful so you could see a little piece of my past. I don't expect many of you to watch the whole thing, because most of you just won't get it. Good thing about that is, my trumpet solo is the at the very opening of the show. :0) Listen and enjoy!

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