Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Do you have any quirky, unusual fears that you just cannot get over? I am sure you do... We all do. At some point you have probably shared it with someone, and they made you feel like an absolute idiot for having such a fear. But, to you it is a genuine fear. It really scares you!!!!

My sister Johnnie-Lynn is deathly afraid of bees... I don't mean like all of us have that fear of being stung, I mean she has to run and hide if one flies in her driveway and she is on the porch. I make fun of her, but she really is scared.

A lady I know at church is scared of squirrels, and I once heard of lady that was afraid of plastic!!!

There are lots of fears that I have encountered as a teacher that I try my best to help the little people over come. Once a student was afraid of the lunchroom, another was afraid of anything that was dressed up, another was afraid of computers, and another was afraid of the library. I don't always understand their fears, and a lot of them may seem ridiculous to us "grown ups," but we have to help them. They are looking to us for safety.

I confess here on this blog that I am deathly afraid of a few things myself. Most of them common things like spiders, falling, and heights, but I have a few quirky ones too. One of the weirdest things I am afraid of is diving boards. Not sure why, but when anyone is on one I cannot watch at all. I am petrified for them. I am also afraid of making left hand turns while riding with someone. That is why I often offer to drive when with a group. I don't want to freak out when someone turns left and I am sitting beside them.

I know... that one was weird huh? Nonetheless, it is a real fear. Next time you encounter someone with what seems to be a quirky fear to you, reflect just a bit and you will find that you are probably just as weird as they are!

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