Monday, January 11, 2010


Everyday I reward my students with "worms." Not wiggly, slimy worms. They are just pipe cleaners cut in half and we call them worms. They get them when I catch them working extra hard, going above and beyond to strive for good behavior. They keep them in a chart at the back of the room, and every week I give them opportunities to cash them in for different reward incentives.

Some of the things I give worms for...

Having your book out and ready before I ask.

Cleaning your space the fastest.

Walking with a ticket down the hall. (your pointer finger over your lips.)

Helping a neighbor.

Showing good character traits.

The incentives for earning lots of wroms are not big to us grown folks, but in the world of a second grader, they are very valuable...Woody snacks and the prize box are a HUGE deal!!! Every time I allow them to cash in, I think about how great the world would be if we all would work as hard in life, as they do to earn their "worms." They just are so proud to get a worm and earn the smallest or prizes.

Nothing profound, but one of the little life lessons I get from my kiddos each day. How many worms would you earn in a day?

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