Saturday, January 16, 2010

Plastic Bags

I hate plastic bags... you know, the ones you get at the grocery store or Wal-mart... I can never remember to take my reusable shopping bags in when I go, so often times, if I am not getting a lot of stuff, I tell the cashier I do not need a bag. They always seem to get frustrated with me, but why in the world would that bother them? Not really sure..

2 different times now, I have told cashiers at Lowe's and Office Max that they could keep the bag, and immediately the cashier has taken the bag she was about to give me and put it in the trash. That defeats the whole purpose of me not taking the bag, and they are wasting a perfectly good bag that the next person may want.

I wrote to Office Max after it happened and they sent me their canned email about how "green" they were, and how sorry they were.... but will it really change anything? I doubt it.

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The Rickards Family said...

I have become a plastic bag collector! Since I'm now at home all day with two in diapers, they come in handy because I can put dirty diapers in them and immediately toss them out into the big garbage bin so my house doesn't smell. So, they are at least being used twice before making their way to the landfill.