Sunday, January 10, 2010

Have you ever....

stuck gum where it didn't belong?

got caught opening your eyes during the prayer?

had a Freudian slip at an inopportune time?

ripped your pants while in a public place?

sneezed and spit out your food?

hid a bad piece of meat in a napkin only to have the waiter clear the table and fling it across the room?

got caught ignoring someone on your cell phone when they were calling from the red light beside you?

gotten really mad at the dumb driver in front of you only to realize it was someone you knew?

called someone and hung up because you changed your mind and didn't want to talk?

given a gift just because you got one?

Just wondering.....

1 comment:

Melissa Parris said...

I'm just wondering where you got all of these ideas? Could they be real-life experience? Have you ever hit a pregnant woman in the belly with an air hockey puck? (Not me, Kevin though)