Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Clean Up

I finally got around to cleaning up Christmas today... It is quite a chore! In many ways it is harder than putting it all up because there is no holiday excitement to motivate you when you take it all down. I guess that is why it took me so long to get it down this year.

Every year I am amazed at many fake pine needles make their way to the floor. This was the pile I swept up. I wonder how many more years my tree can actually have when it has lost this much every year since I bought it 8 years ago... Crazy thing is the tree still looks great!

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Kelly said...

Ive had my fake tree for like 10 years. When I took my tree down last weekend, I finally had to go ahead and throw it away. I had more pine needles than ever. Last christmas my dog woke in the middle of the night and attacked the tree, lost a good bit of ornaments but the tree held up actually. The cats used it every year as a huge playground, and somehow 5 branches were missing this year. it had seen its better days. however we still have to get the lights off the house, its just been too cold!