Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

The House

The Trees

Me on Christmas Eve before leaving for Granny's.

The family at Granny's

All the grand kids at Granny's.

After the 11:30 pm service at church we headed to Johnnie-Lynn's to wait for Santa... After he got through putting out all the gifts we were starved so we made a 2:30 am run to the Waffle House. This is our pic as we enjoyed our Christmas Feast!!!!!!

Christmas morning Santa out did himself!!!!!!!

Things were a bit different for us this year because Mama had to work Christmas morning. We decided to go to my house Christmas night and swap the family gifts. I cooked a big dinner and we had the best time. Below is the tree before the chaos began.

The Aftermath!!!!!!!!!

Christmas was great... Family, Friends, and Jesus! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas....

Stay tuned... the next blog is gonna be the 5ooth post!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kelly said...

Wonderful photos, I love the Trees! Im kindof sad Christmas is over with. I hope you had a wonderful one! Great blogs!

Kelly said...

I love the trees, and all your photos! I am kindof sad Christmas is over with! Ive enjoyed reading some of your blogs, and Im going to follow you, if thats ok.