Tuesday, May 12, 2009

World's Greatest Drummer

Last night I had the privilege of attending the Woodruff Middle and High School Year End Band Concert to see none other the one and only Jamie. Who is Jamie you ask???

Jamie was a student in my very first, first grade class as a teacher. He is now about to enter the 7th grade and last night was his first spring concert. I was so proud when I looked on the stage and saw him standing there beside the bass drum that was twice as big as him. He played the bass drum on 2 songs, the snare on one, and a tambourine solo all the way through this Latin/Aztec type song. He did so good. His Mama B said that they are wanting him to march next year. Anyone who knows me knows that I am more than excited about the possibility of going to see that.

Jamie is a great kid, or should I say young man. Back in the first grade he was so so smart and now he is continuing to shine in middle school.

Funny story I remember about Jamie... At the end of his year I got them to draw a picture of me in a journal and write me a letter. Before he drew his picture he asked, "Can we draw you skinny?" I laughed and asked him did he think I was fat? He said, "kinda." He then said, "If we don't draw your fat can we at least draw the nose hairs?" I laughed til I cried. Kids will keep you humble that is for sure.

A big special thanks to Mama B for inviting me and to Papa W for helping me get in the door. You guys are great. If you ever need a hand, just call!


Karen said...

Jed! You are so funny! For this boy and his family to invited you to his concert after all these years means that you must have made a strong impression. I mean in a good way!!!! :-) What a priviledge you have to lead these children! I know God will bless you abundantly!!
I LOVE the fat and nose hair comments!!! That is priceless!!
Love, KK

jkstrib said...

The first sennior I taught at BHS are now 40 YEARS OLD! OUCH! Time flies when you are having fun! What a great story. Some kids you never forget and they don't forget you. I love how they only remember the good stuff about you!