Monday, May 11, 2009

Killed a Frog;Saved a Frog

Yesterday I was cutting grass to get the yard ready for the big Mother's Day dinner I was fixing. I was mowing along when I noticed something blow over in front of the mower. I thought it was a leaf. I kept going and to my surprise it wasn't a leaf... it was the bottom half of a frog. Not sure where the other half went.... I was so sad that I was responsible for its death. I could care less about all the fire ant hills I ran over and the spiders I squished along the way, but the frog was bad...

I kept cutting and the whole time I was worry myself over that cut in half frog in the back yard. When I got to the front yard I ran over the lid to the gas meter and chopped into a million bits... When I bent over to pick up the pieces, I looked down in the little hole to see a little frog trapped down inside. He was hopping and hopping but could not get out.

I ran inside and got something to reach down there and get him with, but I had to smash a big ole black widow first. Didn't want to die from spider poison on account of the frog.... I reached down in the hole and carried him to the creek behind my house.

I was so happy that I could save the little guy. I some how felt that all was now well in my yard.

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Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

UM... yuck! I HATE frogs! It's not as bad as when my mom started the mower not knowing there was a RABBIT inside!!