Sunday, May 10, 2009

Top 10 Things I Love About Mama

1. She can fry a mean hamburger!!!!!!!!! Not to mention salmon patties and cubed steak!

2. She can decorate a house like no one else. You should see her pink bathroom with a barbie doll in it... Only she could make it look good.

3. She is so so so so patient with this mess of a son she has.

4. She taught me how to treat a if I can just find one :0)

5. She is a VERY hard worker.... She has been through more than her share of "stuff" and always presses through it.

6. She is doing better in college than I did... 1 A and 2 B's this past semester. One year to go!!!!

7. She is so funny. She probably doesn't know this, but I laugh all the time when I am around her. She always says something to make me laugh... Ok, sometimes I am laughing at her instead of with her, but she is funny!

8. She is fun. She loves to go and do just about anything. We love to go to yard sales. The picture above is from a trip she and I took to Disney the summer before I started teaching.

9. She loves the Lord. She would tell you; she is not perfect, never has been...that's why she needs His grace so much.

10. She is just a good mama. We fuss and fight like all kids and parents... Most of the time she is right. I admit it... right here on the World Wide Web... Hope she sees this. I love her so much.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

11. My sister said to add this... Even though she loves her more, I am still the favorite!!!

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