Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dear Maudie

Dear Maudie,

4 years ago today, you meet Jesus. I was there when you saw Him. It was such a hard day for me, but I knew the amazing sights you were seeing and it helped me. I wish I could have seen what you saw. The last few earthly breaths you took were so peaceful. I just knew you were with Him. You had breathed so hard the days before. I could tell He had touched your lungs and that made me happy.

A lot has happened since you have been gone. Who knew 4 years could bring about so much change. First of all, I got my own house. Actually I started building it about 2 months after you left. I wish I would have started a bit sooner so you could have seen it, but I was too chicken.

It is a really pretty house.... 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a big open living room. You will never guess what I have hanging on the wall in my kitchen... 2 things... 1 your little knick-knack shelf that used to hang by your door, and 2 a picture of me and you framed with a note you wrote me with the Alumini Casserole recipe on it. You told me not to let anyone see it because your handwriting was bad but it is my most proud item in the house. It is number 1 on my "save in case of fire list."

In my living room I have your green chair that used to sit in your "red room." I decorated my whole living room around that chair. Bobby didn't want it when you left it to him so I got it. I am so glad I did. It looks great.

In my hall I have the shelf you left me from "the little room." It has all of my Africa souvenirs on it. Looks so good!!

In my bedroom I have the chest of drawers you left me. I think about you every morning when I get ready.

It's funny...As I write you this letter I realize I have a little piece of you in every room in my house. I am so glad. I really miss you so bad sometimes.

Some days I would give anything for a frozen Salisbury steak TV dinner and tater tots on TV tray with the Price is Right playing on the tube.

Some days I would give anything to come over and take you to Hardee's and Community Cash.

Some days I long for Quincy's and a trip to Wal-Mart.

Some days I feel like pulling up onions and potatoes and snapping green beans.

Some days I feel like bouncing a ball of your roof.

Some days I feel like laying down under the shade of your big 'ole tree in the front yard on your cool thick grass. It was the best grass anywhere!!!!

Unfortunately since you've been gone I don't make it over that way anymore. Things over there haven't changed a lot and it is hard for me to go.

I am still keeping up with the weather just like you taught me too. We are just now starting to come out of a really bad drought. Lake Hartwell was dry as a bone. I am looking for a new rain gauge. Maybe I will find one soon. We had a big snow this year too. You would have LOVED it. It was the fattest snow I have ever seen.

Some other things that have happened since you've been gone... I got teacher of the year 2 years ago. It was an honor. I moved to the Philippines... It was "interesting" to say the least, but I feel the Lord used it for the best! Johnnie-Lynn has had another baby, and Jessica has one too. They both seem to be doing really well. Mama is in school. Matt is a teacher now. I went on a 7500 mile cross country trip. It was awesome. So many times I wanted to call you and tell you where I was.

One thing that hasn't changed.... Matt is still my roomie. I know you would be glad about that. During one of our last conversations you told me to keep a good roommate as long as they would stay. It would be cheaper for the both of us... He is a good one and it is a lot cheaper!!!

I know you are dying to ask me about a girlfriend... and I will tell you the same thing I always did.... Maybe one day!

This day every year makes me think of you. Some people will read my letter to you and think I am crazy. Some people will read it and think it was too personal. I hope however that they will read it and realize just how special you were to me. I just know that the Lord let you be my "great" grandma because you were the greatest. I am so blessed that I got to have you in my life for 26 years... Most people never know their great grandma, much less for 26 years.

I often wondered what in the world I would do without you, and I must tell you... I have carried on... Don't get me wrong... I miss you something awful, but I know that I will see you again one day. Make sure my mansion is right near yours. I love ya.... Happy Mother's Day!

'Til I see ya again,

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