Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TV Overload

I find myself being on TV overload here lately, and most of the overload comes on one night. Monday's are my favorite TV nights. I don't remember having to plan my nightly schedule around TV since Golden Girls on Saturday Nights (THAT WAS A JOKE... However, I do like the G.G. I was like 10 when it was on reg. TV.)  

Every Monday night I have a list of shows to watch: Big Bang, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, and 24. Thank Goodness for DVR, but I really hate not being able to cheer on my Heroes with the rest of the viewers while I am busy watching 24... I CANNOT miss the intensity of the live 24. The commercial wait actually intensifies the drama. There is something about watching it live and being shocked and surprised with the rest of the world.  

Then Tuesday and Wednesday is American Idol.... Thursday is Survivor and Sunday is the New Amazing Race, Extreme Home Makeover, D.H. and Brothers and Sisters...

What are you watching... what are your favorites... Am I alone in my TV overload?


John said...

OH NO!!! Its the 1ST Signs of that Dreaded Disease!!!" AGE "..LOL. BEING set IN ONES WAYS..YEP A SURE SIGN!!! Predictability..Yep The Onset!! Have a Great Day Son!!

teresa said...

I feel a let down after Monday night because after Monday I have nothing to watch until the next Monday. What am I talking about. HOUSE of course. I just love that show.


Kelly said...

I'm with you on the Survivor and Amazing Race!!! add ER and you've got a great Thursday! I'd do American Idol, but with the new "wonderful" DTV and the fact I'm doing 2 jobs now, I have to choose between AI and Biggest Loser -- NBC comes in better than FOX, so you can guess which one wins! (American Idol isn't really good until they get down to the final 12 anyway -- I mean, really!! How many bad singers can YOU stomach???)