Monday, May 7, 2012

Service With A Smile

Tonight I went out with some friends for our weekly Monday night meal. It's always a dilemma when we choose the restaurant. Finding the right place that will satisfy everyone's appetite can be a battle. This week we knew ahead of time where we were going. I have been suggesting this new restaurant for weeks.

My excitement about trying a new place built as I ran my 6 miler after school. My stomach was aching for some good grub. Much to my disappointment the experience was not great. In fact, I probably will not go back. I wanted to support this place because it is locally owned, yet sadly, the management seemed very unconcerned about our bad experience.

There is no need to bash the restaurant here. I'm sure in time they will meet their fate, however I can offer them some tips. After 10 years as a server, I know a few things about service.

1. If a customer is unhappy, don't let them leave that way. Do whatever it takes to win them.

2. Don't make excuses. Accept full responsibility. Customers are intelligent and can see through it.

3. Be aware of your customers. Fix problems before the become unfixable.

4. Immediate fixes work far better than promises about what you'll do "next time."

5. Don't insult your guests. You need them... and their friends, and their friends, and their friends.

6. When things go bad refills and bread cover a multitude of sins. Don't let those easy things make a bad situation worse.

7. Smile and listen to your guest. They chose your place to spend their hard earned money and to spend their time with friends out of thousands of other restaurants.

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