Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Things

1. I won a prize today on Facebook from Carson Dellosa. They are every teacher's favorite educational supplier.

2. We had a very emotional afternoon in my class today as we said goodbye to a great student who is moving. Yes, I cried.

3. I went out to run 6 after school and ran 8.2 instead. Bonus miles are always good.

4. The faculty at my school is amazing. They have such giving hearts and love to help. They showed that today in a great way.

5. I had a completely vegetarian pizza tonight for dinner. Not sure what came over me. Those portobello mushrooms were just hitting the spot I guess.

6. Whenever I was shopping at Target tonight, I needed a buggy because I walked right by them at the door. I prayed for one. The next aisle past had 2 empty ones. It's the little things.

7. It's the night before a teacher work day, and I am almost giddy thinking about working in my classroom all day.

8. My house is hot, but I am stubborn and not turning the sir in yet. It's not time.

9. I mailed a stamped, self addressed envelope for the first time today. Can't wait for it to come back to me with my prize inside.

10. I'm going to bed at 9:20. It's been a great day!

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