Sunday, March 18, 2012

Running History

One year ago today I running history! No, I wasn't the fastest on the track. I didn't win anything. I surely didn't break a world record. What I did do though was make my own history. For the first time in my life, my legs carried me on a 26.2 mile journey that I will never forget. The medal is proudly hanging on my wall, and I think about this day often. Even though I have since run 2 more, this one will always have a special place in my running history. It was long, hilly, and hard. There was no food at the end, and I spit all over some runner. My IT Band was injured before I ever started, and I was in pain from mile 5 til the end. I choked on water while I was running, and gorged on oranges around mile 22. But, I finished nonetheless with a whole group of family and friends there to cheer me on! Yes, I looked like a chicken as I crossed the finish line with my arms flapping with exhaustion, but the finish line was Oh so sweet! If you are new to the blog or need to reminisce, you can read about it here.

All day today, I will be thinking about that long journey and eagerly anticipating the next. My mom and sister finally said they were ready to start training for a 5k. We are starting their training today on The Rail Trail. That's where it all begins... Start making your history today!

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