Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Anniversary

On March 1st, 2010 when I took that first step down Cool Water Ct., I am confident that I had no idea what I was doing. I was wearing a pair of worn out New Balance sneakers that were scuffed on the sides to the point that the Chinese made foam which made the puffy rim of the shoe was exposed to all things America. My 100% cotton socks were already wet from sweat because I had worn them all day, and my legs wanted to hide their winter nakedness rather than be exposed to the warm spring sun. Yet, I went anyway...

The shirt was no microfiber, wicking, aerodynamic masterpiece. It was some .99 cent Goodwill special I pulled out of my "mission trip" clothing drawer because I didn't want to mess up my good clothes. The shorts were a pair of too tight, size 31 basketball shorts that I pillaged from my roommates bottom drawer. I was a size 36. I was no athlete. Never had been. Never wanted to be. This clothing was as foreign to me as a steak is to a vegan. Yet, I went anyway.

Something drove me out there in spite of my clothing inadequacies. I am not sure if it was the desire to look fit in my bathing suit that summer, the need for healthier habits, the desire to eat a Krispy Kreme without worrying over the calories, or a combination of all of those topped with a dose of curiosity. Curiosity of could I really do this; Could I really change the outward appearance of myself to match the fun, excited, out going person that lie beneath the pounds that hid me??? Fearful and full of self doubt... Yet, I went anyway.

2 years later as I type this blog and think about the wonderful journey that started as I trotted off down my street that day, I cannot help but be overwhelmed by the Amazing Grace that has carried me every step. I did indeed change that outward appearance, but more importantly the inside changed as well. Once insecure, unworthy, and defeated, I now feel empowered, victorious, and confident. It's almost surreal to think how this new person, that had been there all along, emerged as a result of that first mile on March 1, 2010. I'm so glad I went.

Happy Anniversary to me!!!

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