Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reflective Vest

Tonight in the middle of nowhere in Aiken county, my old college buddy Chris and I did a six mile run around 9:15. The last mile greeted us with a downpour. It was a great run. The air was a bit muggy, but the atmosphere made for a perfect run. I honestly felt like I could have gone on forever.

Congrats to Chris for having his first 6 miles under 50 minutes. It could have been the dogs around mile 2 that sped him up. Or, it could have been that he was afraid the rain would melt him during mile 5. For all you worriers about night running, fear not. Chris was wearing his protective reflective vest for all 4 cars we passed out here in this abandoned land. The dogs and lightning were much more of a threat.

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Bari said...

LOL - you can certainly see him! Dogs are my kryptonite. I hate them when I'm out running, even when they are on a leash.