Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The other day during class, my student teacher was trying to get the students to understand the meaning of the word perspective. She asked them each what they saw in front of them. Because all of the students were facing the teacher at the front of the room, most of their perspectives were the same. She then asked them to think about her perspective; did she see the same thing they did? The students quickly caught on and understood the concept that everyone's perspective is different. As they talked they realized that in actuality, their perspectives were a bit more different than they first thought. They started to realize that some of them saw the teacher's right side better than the left. Some saw the board at a different angle. They went on and on for a few minutes. My student teacher then reminded them, "while they all had different perspectives, they were all still in the same class and they were all in it together." The point was to let them learn that each perspective was needed to make our class the awesome place that it was.

I am not sure where you are as you read this. It may be nighttime or noon. It may be bright sunshine or a deluge of rain. You may be working in your cubicle or in the hammock enjoying the day off. You may be at the top of the mountain or deep in the valley. Regardless of where you are, know that just because your perspective may be different, there are 4 billion people spinning around this ball with you. You are not alone. The world needs you to make it a better place.

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