Saturday, February 4, 2012

Number 3

2 weeks from today I will run my third marathon in Myrtle Beach. I am beyond excited to run another one. It seems like yesterday that I was running number 2 in Savannah. I had my last 20 mile training run today in preparation of the big day. Below are a few random things that happened today as I pressed on through the 20 miles.

Mile 1- Some homeless man yelled at me that my form wasn't right. He said I needed to get my legs up.

Mile 4- I accidentally lost my gum. I was breathing through my mouth and out came the gum. I juggled it around a bit but ultimately it hit the ground.

Mile 8- It started to mist pretty heavily and my glasses got all blurry.

Mile 10- I shouted out loud that I was half way through and some lady in her yard looked at me like I was crazy. She should have heard me having a conversation with myself at mile 11!

Mile 12- I had a bit of a coughing fit when I swallowed funny. You don't realize how many muscles you use to cough until they are all hurting from a long run. OUCH!

Mile 13- I ran through a special event in the YMCA parking lot. I felt like I was not supposed to be there. GladI was moving on.

Mile 15- Someone who knew me passed by and was just waving away, but I had no idea who it was because it was raining pretty good by that time. If it was you, tell me!

Mile 18- I jay"ran" for the humpteenth time. I just don't see standing there waiting if nothing is coming.

Mile 20.1- Finished in the Krispy Kreme parking lot where I started. The smell was fantastic, the light was on, but I stretched and went home!

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