Monday, February 13, 2012

My "Love" Of Running

In honor of the big day Tuesday a running blog I follow is having a contest for runners who blog. The entry form? A simple blog with 10 things that I love about running.

1. It keeps me healthy. Who knows how big I would have gotten by now if my feet hadn't met the pavement?

2. It is focus time. Helps me reflect on my day and spend some time getting things straight!

3. It has helped me meet lots of amazing people!

4. I have been places I would have never been other wise. There are roads I have passed a 100 times in a car that I have never been down. My feet love those roads!

5. It is contagious. I have many friends who were nonrunners before I started who are now runners!

6. It gives me a reason to buy shoes. I love the crazy colored ones!

7. Pizza!

8. The soreness. I know this is weird to most of you, but the soreness lets me know that I worked hard and my body is reaping the healthy benefits.

9. I like the attention. Who doesn't? People think I am crazy when I tell them I run 26.2 miles for fun. I love to watch their reactions. Makes me want that ultra all the more. (An ultra is anything past 26.2)

10. It reminds me every time I go how blessed I am and how thankful I am to have my health and the ability to be active. Lots of people would love to run!

1 comment:

Bari said...

An awesome list. I'm totally with you on #7 :)