Sunday, February 12, 2012

Before You Speak

... imagine yourself in their shoes.

... imagine you have their problems.

... think of what the Lord has done for you.

... think about how you didn't deserve His grace.

... think about how He loves/loved/will always love you in spite of yourself.

... think of what He would say.

James 1:19 says to "Be quick to listen and slow to speak."


Karen said...

Jed, you are so right.

Benji said...

If only people would take the time to think before they speak....myself included. It pains me that people are making fun of her death. That is so sad. She is human, as we all are, and none of us is without sin. I certainly would have no right to cast stones/words.

What saddens me about this song is that I feel she truly believes every word of it, but didn't show that in the last few years or apparently in the past few days. If she had only truly looked to God, she could have be delivered from the pain and life that she was living. Such a great talent to loose. Now she can join the heavenly choir of those who have gone before her and help get the choir rocking for when Jesus comes to take ALL OF US home!

Susie said...

Very well stated. May the Lord give her friends and family comfort and peace.

AmandaKS said...

You my friend are wise beyond your years!