Sunday, January 29, 2012

QR Codes

Have you see these things around? They are called QR Codes. Click here to learn more about them. QR actually stands fro Quick Response.

Unless you have a Smart Phone, you have probably never paid these much attention. I have a Smart Phone and really just considered them a novelty for my awesome phone. I scanned a couple of them at amusement parks before and once at Chick-Fil-A, but never really thought about using them for anything else. Until now.

This week I found out that you can generate your own for free at this site: . Once you have your own QR Code, you can print it and stick where ever you want to drive people to your website of choice. As an educator, my mind began to go nuts with ideas for my classroom. Below this code are just a few of my ideas.

1. Copy and paste the code on to my class newsletter to remind parents about my class blog.

2. Create and post book review videos on YouTube, then print a QR code and put them on the books that go home for homework. Students will be able to go watch the video when they read.

3. When I start a new math unit, I can add a QR code to a note home to direct students to helpful math sites.

4. I saw online where some teacher made the codes and kept them in the room for kids to take home. She made different ones for all the web pages they used in class. Laminated them and the kids could take them.

5. Another guy online added a QR code to the back of his business card. I have to present at a conference in a few weeks and I will definitely have a few to pass out.

Can you think of any other ways to use? Let me know your thoughts. Oh, by the way, if you have the app on your phone that scans the codes, scan the one above. I know... I know... I am a dork, but I don't care!

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Jim DHaem said...

Check out this page for some very creative uses of QR code in education, be sure to scroll doen and chek out their use in school libraries.