Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Listen To Your Cone

Tonight as I ate this delectable, 150 calorie, 3.5g of fat, bit of frozen goodness, I heard the cone speak. Here is what it said...

1. It's Not About You! The role of the cone is to hold up the ice cream. It is the feature of the movie and it is what everyone came to see! It is ok to be in a supporting role. Find your niche and get in it!

2. Be Supportive! Lift up those around you. Hold them up! You are much stronger than some. The ice cream is weak and needs you to make it strong. Without you lifting it up, it will fail!

3. You Might Start At The Bottom, But Eventually You Will Be At The Top! As the ice cream gives way to the constantly licking, you will be standing firm. While you started as a supporter, your time will come. You will eventually be on top! Keep faithful in the small supporting role and then you will rise!

4. You Are Important! The ice cream could not function without you. You ever see the results when someone tries to hold their ice cream without a cone? Don't ever let anyone tell you that you don't matter!

5. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait! Yep, everyone starts at the top. They dig into that ice cream and you just get left at the bottom. But, after lots of licking, the cone is there to finish off a wonderful snack. You will have your time! Don't worry about those who try to rush you... Patience is a good thing!

If you listened, you heard it speak too. I hope you will never eat ice cream the same again!

1 comment:

MJ said...

Ummmm... after I eat my ice cream, I trash the cone. Sorry......