Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's The Little Things

I hear people say this all the time. Usually in reference to someone being thankful for something that seems so minuscule in the whole big picture of life. Often times when someone says it to me, it is said in a way to kind of mock what I am thankful for. I must hear it a lot to be authoring this post, but I was thinking about this topic on yesterday's run. I think if more of us would learn to be thankful for those "little things" it would make us even more grateful for the BIG things and change our perspective on EVERYthing.

I find myself looking for the little things to be thankful for. They will quickly change a bad attitude. They make me happy, they are usually easily done, and they hardly ever cost anything. You know the things I am talking about right? If not, here is list of "little things" I am thankful for.

1. I am thankful when I remember to put a new bar of soap in the shower before I am actually in there needing soap.

2. I am thankful for bedroom shoes.

3. I am thankful when I go to make copies of class newsletter and I pull out exactly 22 sheets of lime green paper.

4. I am thankful when I saved a piece of trash (ie: some empty container, lid, box, bottle, etc.) that someone ends up needing for some "Pinterest" or crafty idea.

5. I am thankful for little sticky notes of encouragement from friends.

6. I am thankful for having nail clippers in my pocket when someone has a hang nail.

7. I am thankful for getting done with a run right before the rain comes.

8. I am thankful when I have the exact change.

9. I am when I pour my cereal and I don't spill a piece!

10. I am thankful that good friends and family like to come to my house to eat sharp cheddar cheese and brown cows.

I am sure you have your own list if you will take a minute to think about it. It's kinda fun to think about all of them, and it's kinda hard to stop when you start!

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