Monday, January 9, 2012

The Finish Line

This was supposed to post yesterday but didn't. My apologies to the 3 that read daily.

One of the most exciting parts of every race that I have ever been in is the finish line. As you approach, people all along the way begin to cheer and encourage you on as you fight to get to that magical stopping point. Those folks don't care about how you got to that point. They don't care about the sweat, the nastiness of your clothing, the snot that runs down your face. They are there to cheer you on to the finish. I still remember the voice of one sweet lady as I neared the finish of my first race..."You can do it Jed, just picture yourself winning."

You know if you can just make it there you have accomplished your goal and that food and water are just feet away. Your body can slow down, your breathing can ease, and your sweat spigot will shut down. Your body will instantly start to recover from all the pain.

The closer you get to the finish the more fixed your eyes become on the line. That is the destination you have been thinking about for the entire length of your race. Finally, you cross the line and an overwhelming joy sets in. All of the folks who were waiting on you meet you to give out hugs and pats. They squeeze you tight in spite of the mess that is oozing from every pore of your body.

People you have never seen or meet give you high fives and congratulate you on your great finish. People who were awesome during the race and got there in a much better fashion you now stand side by side with you as you enjoy the race celebration. You have finished the race and the journey is complete. It truly is an amazing feeling.

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