Saturday, July 23, 2011

Something New

Tonight I went to Olive Garden with my sister and brother-in-law. We were all starving when we sat down and were hoping they would just bring the bowl of salad with the menus, but of course they didn't so we continued to contemplate gnawing into our arms.

While we waited on our drinks to arrive we were faced with the dilemma of deciding what to eat. Some restaurants are easy for me. I know what I want before I ever get there, but at Olive Garden I struggle because I like so many dishes there. I loved the Braise Beef, Mixed Grill, Tuscan Steak, etc. Tonight I struggled even more because I was so hungry. Don't you hate to make the wrong choice when you are really hungry?

I perused the menu and the Ravioli di Portobello caught my eye. I have never had it before, but lately I have been eating mushrooms like crazy. It is very unlike me to venture out with a new choice on a night when I was so hungry, but my gut told me to go for it.

This is a picture I found online of the dish. I would have taken one of my own plate, but honestly it wasn't there long enough to get a pic. IT WAS SO GOOD! I literally inhaled it. The mushrooms nestled inside the ravioli then covered with a creamy tomato/cheese sauce made for the most delicious flavor! I highly recommend this dish the next time you go.

The great thing too, if you are a calorie counter, the whole meal is only 670. If you order the lunch portion, 430. The fat content is a little high thanks to the cheese, but not too bad. Totally worth it though!

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