Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Funny Papers

That's what my grandad used to call the Sunday Comics. I used to love to read them after church on Sunday. My favorite was Snuffy Smith. I doubt anyone will even know that one, but it was hysterical. It was about some backwoods southern folk. Great read!!

Anyway, as I thought about my Sunday, it would have been a perfect edition of the funny papers.

1. I messed up the ending song at church during the 2nd service after I picked on the drummer for messing up during the 1st.

2. During the message this morning, I got a shout out from the preacher for being a runner. I think he was making me sound crazy, but that's ok.

3. I was eating a Navel Orange and it shot all over my shirt twice. I looked like a little kid.

4. I was locked out of the house for over an hour this evening.

5. During the lock out, my legs became a mosquito buffet.

6. All day long I have been killing the ants in my kitchen one at a time because I don't have any spray... I'm up to 37 in the ant massacre!!!

7. While eating spaghetti for lunch, I actually got a dirty shirt out of the hamper because I knew I was gonna get spaghetti all over me and I didn't want to stain a clean shirt!!

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