Monday, July 11, 2011


Today was the first of 5 days that I am on a team of Sheetrock hangers here in Mt. Sterling, KY for a church mission project. Here are a few things I learned from day 1 on the job.

1. People start to stink after 1 hour of work in a 10x10 room with no ventilation.

2. When someone says "get up here and hold this while I screw it in," DON'T be the one to volunteer!

3. Popsicles are work site killers. Do not bring them out too soon after lunch or your productivity will be shot.

4. Don't eat 2 hotdogs and a burger for lunch... The Port-O-Let is quite a walk from the scaffolding.



GinCBlake said...

You are hilarious-----so no popsicles til 3 right? I guess 2 o'clock was too soon. Will try and do better tomorrow.

GinCBlake said...

OK no more popsicles for you buddy boy. lol----