Monday, May 2, 2011


This is gonna be a CRAZY WEEK!! I have practice for Beauty and the Beast Monday-Wednesday from 6 til 10 and then the show starts Thursday-Saturday from 8-10ish. It's totally worth it though. Being here, performing with a great friend of mine high school makes it so fun. These kids are a hoot too. Some of them were not even born when I graduated! I've been having an old moment tonight!

With all the practice this week and the tons of practices I have been to in my life, these are some lessons I have learned about rehearsing for anything. Keep these lessons in mind and you won't explode at your next practice.

1. It never starts on time after you rush to get there.

2. It never goes as planned.

3. Someone is always gonna forget something they need.

4. You NEVER get out on time.

5. It does not make you perfect like the old cliché says, but it sure makes you better!

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