Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Can't Wait To Be A Grown Up

Remember saying that when you were little. It seemed that grown ups had all the fun. They had all the money. They made all of the decisions about where and what was for dinner, where you went for vacation, what time you went to bed, etc. There were lots of things I remember wanting to have or do when I was a kid that I absolutely could not wait to be a grown up for. Now that I am there, things don't seem as glamorous as my childlike mind once conceived that they were. Here are just a few things that come to mind.

1. Bed time... Then, 8-9... When I am a grown up, I can stay up as late as I want and watch TV all night Now... I WOULD LOVE TO BE IN THE BED AT 8!!!!!!!!

2. Money... Then, I got a big ole spanking in Sky City one day over a toy I wanted... When I am a grown up I will buy whatever I want!!! Now... The money is gone before I get it, and I am not really sure what it goes to!

3. Cleaning my room... Then, I hated cleaning my room. I never wanted to do it. When I am grown up I can leave my room as dirty as I want. Now... I can't keep it clean. I want to, but I must have a fear of hangars because my clothes go in the floor far too often!

4. Refrigerator... Then, we had to fill ice trays and wait on the ice to freeze because we didn't have an ice maker. When I grown up, I am having a fridge with an ice maker! Now... I have a fridge with an ice maker, and I do not even use it. I open the door and reach inside just like when I was little.

5. Listening... Then, I had to do what everyone told me. Do this do that. When I am a grown up, I won't have to listen to anyone. I can do whatever I want. Now, I crave advice, wisdom, and direction when making big decisions.

It is funny how we wish our lives away wanting to be grown ups, and now that we are here, being a kid just doesn't seem so bad.

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