Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Funny Papers

When I was little I remember hearing someone say, "You don't live in the funny papers." At the time I wasn't sure what the meant. I assumed they meant that I was not Blondie and Dagwood's neighbor. As I grew older I learned that it means that your life isn't like Charlie Brown, Marvin, or Beetle Bailey... meaning everything doesn't always work out perfectly, and everything is not funny.

While I do not live in the funny papers, sometimes I feel like the things that happen to me are straight out of a comedy flick! Today as I ran, there was one thing after another that kept me chuckling during every step of my 6 mile run.

1. As I got out of the car to start the run, I noticed this family walking down the street. It was a dad, mom, and their 2 kids about ages 4 and 8. They parents were pulling 2 rather large suitcases. At first, my heart ached for them as I thought maybe they were homeless and looking for a place to stay. My sadness quickly changed to laughter when they stopped right in front of me, and the dad said to his 4 year old son, "Fine! Get In!" The little boy unzipped the suitcase, crawled in, zipped it back up, and off they strolled!

2. Laughing about what I had just witnessed I headed on down the trail. Just as the comical scene with the suitcases was fading from my memory, a new bit of laughter rolled onto the scene thanks to this girl who was talking on her iPhone while pushing one of these...

...For those who do not know this is a tool called a measuring wheel. Many contractors and surveyors use them. I assume the iPhone girl was pushing this along the trail to measure how far she had walked... I guess she didn't realize that there is app for that!!!!

3. I moved on down the trail, mouth open, breathing hard, sweating good, when all of a sudden a ladybug made its way into my mouth. In a year and a half or running this was the first bug in mouth experience. It caught me so off guard I began to choke a little. I tried to spit it out, but I couldn't. I took a deep breath, swallowed, and down he went. Hopefully, ladybugs are full of protein!

4. After I hacked for a while thanks to the insect family, I notice my least favorite member of the mammal family (SQUIRRELS) that was laid out flat along the side of the trail. All you PETA fans don't judge me for this, but I was elated to see the thing all sprawled out dead like that. I just pretended that he was the one that scared me half to death last week and helped me to realize that I had Sciurophobia!

5. I was just about to take my last step of the run, when I noticed one of the funniest sites. There was an older man, maybe 85-90, running in his best old man fashion, with the daintiest poodle you've ever seen, while listening to his iPod. I only wish I would have had my phone to snap a picture.

I might not live in the funny papers, but this afternoon sure would have made for great comic!

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