Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Injuries Can Be Good

A week before my marathon I strained my IT Band. You IT Band is a tendon that runs from your hip to your knee. The strain comes from a lot of different things, but mine was probably from just raining like crazy to get ready for my big race. The pain was kind of dull at first, but after a few more short runs it really started bothering me. I took the last few days before the race off to heal it a bit.

Finally the race day came, and 5 miles into the marathon the pain was pretty intense. I, being a stubborn runner who had trained all winter long, was not about to quit, so I ran on. At the end of the 26.2 miles my leg was in a great deal of pain. I just shrugged it off as marathon pain and went on about my business.

I rested about 5 days after the marathon and felt pretty good...that was until my first run after the race. I could barely make the 4 miles I went. The pain was bad. I decided I wasn't ready to get back at it....and I waited some more.

Over the course of time since then I have only been able to run 3 times. All of which were very painful. I had 2 hour long massages and many Dr. visits since then and I am happy to report that today for the first time, I pretty much ran pain free. I was so happy for myself.

There are a few good lessons I learned being injured though that are really gonna help me to be a better runner.

1. I LOVE TO RUN, and being injured and not able to do it everyday made me realize that even more.

2. Injuries stink! Don't kill myself and over do it, but keep pushing til it hurts!

3. Monthly massages are a must!!!

4. Use my foam roller everyday!!!

5. Missing a few days of running isn't gonna cause me to be 230lbs again!

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