Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break

Here I am on the cusp of spring break. It is a glorious feeling to know that as I sit here tonight that there are no clothes that have to be ironed, no alarm clock to be set, no lunch box to be packed, and no lesson plans to be made. A lot of my friends fled the schools so fast on Friday that you would have thought there was a million dollars out on the streets. I envy those friends who were in a hurry to travel some place fun for break. I know people who are at Disney, cruising to the Bahamas, doing mission work in Asia, and sunbathing in Hilton Head. I have never been much a spring break traveler. I kinda like to use this time to do little tasks around my house and other errands around town. I am posting my to do list on here so I'll keep myself accountable. I hope to get these things done this week!

1. Clean out the guest room closet.

2. Swap out winter clothes for spring clothes.

3. Get back on my running schedule. Rest time is over.

4. Massage on Wednesday.

5. Cut the grass for the first time. Ok, who am I kidding... Cut the weeds!!!

6. The bathrooms need some attention.

7. Clean the fridge.

8. Place the order for my marathon photos.

9. Read my new running book.

10. Finish a project for a class I am taking. It's due April 4th.

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Susie said...

We just finished our Spring Break. Hope yours is relaxing and enjoyable. BTW...We still have snow on our grass. I'm just itching to get outside to go running. I was able to run outside a few times, when it was about 32 degrees. Most sidewalks are finally rid of ice. Yay, because the treadmill is getting a bit boring. :)