Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lazy Day

On days like today it is so hard to get motivated to do anything. Especially when our bodies were getting used to 80 degrees and melatonin was flowing all through our veins. What else can you do when it is in the 40's and pouring down rain??? Sure, I went running in the deluge this morning, but since then I have been a piece of worthless. The most strenuous thing I have accomplished since the run was loading the dishwasher. After that I sat down on the couch and next thing I know my eyes closed. 2 hours later I awoke to my phone buzzing. It was my brother-in-law calling to tell me that they were on the way with the girlies for me to babysit for them. Thankfully, the girls were in a lazy mood too. We have been sitting on the couch playing Angry Birds and Ant Smasher on my iPhone, and watching every show possible on the Disney Channel. The forecast calls for more rain and cool temps...thus, the laziness will continue!

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