Monday, March 14, 2011

6 Days Til The Marathon

The best thing I did to be a better runner, besides get new shoes, listen to the wisdom of other runners, and learn to use band-aids when I go out on a long run, was to order a subscription to Runner's World magazine.

As you frequent readers know, I am NOT a reader, but when this magazine comes I read every word cover to cover. I even read the editorials and the ads in the back. Funny thing is, the ads in the back always seem to be the same ones over and over, yet I read them anyway for fear of missing something important! If you are a runner and don't have this coming to your mailbox every month, get it now!

If you are thinking about starting, pick up one at Barnes and Noble and read every word. There is so much good advice in every issue. There website is great too! Go here to check it out! FYI..... 6 DAYS....... I AM FREAKING OUT!

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