Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Lots of people have feelings about this day... Some people hail it as "overrated." Some claim Hallmark created the day during hard times. Some say it is a waste of time. Some say it is a secret ploy by mylar balloon makers to infuse the world with helium causing squeaky voice syndrome to become widespread.

Some people, mainly those without a valentine, refer to this day as Single Awareness Day (S.A.D.) I laugh at this one. Mainly because of the creativity it took to actually come up with it. Who ever thought of it was quite clever.

For those who hate the day, and try to ignore it, I kind of feel sorry for them. It seems that their self worth is wrapped up the notion that they have to have a valentine to be complete or enjoy the day. Somee people even say that they don't want someone to do something special for them today because it is all manufactured, processed, or forced... Geez.. relax people...this is all supposed to be fun right????

I thoroughly enjoy this day, and I have no valentine... but man do I feel loved!!!! People around me have just shown me that so much today. I was totally caught off guard by all of them, and they just made me feel so loved!!! Here are a few examples.

1. I needed a new SC flag for my porch. Came home today, and there was a brand new one!

2. My mom put some m&m's with a little note on it in my mailbox.

3. A co-worker put a jar of her homemade pickles in my teacher box at school.

4. The professor of a class I am taking let us go early tonight.

5. This was the best... A little student came over to me first thing this morning and said she had me something for Valentine's Day... I asked her what she had... She paused a minute, then threw her arms open wide and said, "A HUG!!!" It was the sweetest thing!!!

So see... don't run from a day like this... and don't worry about someone doing something for you because they feel like they have to... If they thought enough of you to do it... feel the love and enjoy!

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