Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Don't Count Your Chickens...

Yesterday the temperature hit a whopping, 73 degrees. That is heat wave by anyone's standards for February 14th. There was something wonderful about being able to run in shorts and t-shirt. I wasn't at all prepared for the amount of sweat that I produced, but the run was great nonetheless. Everyone was out enjoying the weather. I saw kids at the park, mamas pushing babies in strollers, people in flip flops, and even a kids squirting a hose. The whole time I was seeing these things all I could think about was the saying "Don't count your chickens before they hatch." We are so ready for warmer weather because of the harsh winter we have had, but it is still way early to think that spring is here to stay. I did a little research to support my thoughts. Here is what I found.

1. The greatest 24 hour snowfall to occur in Spartanburg county was 14.2 inches in Landrum on March 2, 1942.

2. April 3rd, 1915 is snowed up to 4 inches as far south as Cheraw, SC.

3. March 25-26, 1971 was the greatest snowfall to ever hit Clemson University...10 inches.

4. February 26-27, 2004 was the greatest snowfall to ever hit Winthrop University... 17.3 inches.

5. The Blizzard of 1993 moved across the south east on March 13th dumping a whopping 10-12 inches on Spartanburg County.

All that said... don't rush for the flops just yet...and don't count the chickens before they hatch!

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