Monday, February 21, 2011

Cartoons From The Past

Tonight I got kind of sentimental for some reason and started thinking about when I was a kid. Somehow I got to looking for cartoons from my childhood, and I found some that I used to watch. Here are a couple of my favorites from back in the day!

Shirt Tales... Remember when you could get a stuffed animal from the Shirt Tales at Hardee's? I had them all!

The Monchichis... I got these stuffed Monchichis one year for Valentine's Day with a coloring book from my grandma.

He-Man... I had every character, and both Castle Greyskull and Snake Mountain. The best place to buy them was Brendle's on Asheville Highway!

Jem... I will probably catch some heat for watching this one, but it came on at 6:30am while we were getting ready for school. I confess... I watched!

Smurfs... I had an album of Smurf songs that I used to play on my Fisher-Price record player. I LOVED THE SMURFS!

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